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Rab Summit Superlite Bivi – Bivy or Tent?

May 25, 2010 by · 1 Comment 

At first glance, the Summit Superlite Bivi looks more like a tent than a bivy. So why do they call it a bivy?  It has something to do with US laws. More on that later.

Rab Summit Superlite Bivi

The Rab Summit Superlite Bivi is made of the very breathable eVENT fabric. This is the same material used for waterproof and breathable raincoats.

The advantage of the eVENT fabric is its very light, single-wall structure for an almost condensation free tent.

The disadvantage of eVENT fabric is that is does not comply with the safety requirements for tents for flammability. If eVENT is exposed to open flames, it is very flammable. That is why it is called Bivi, as according to the usual definition, a bivy is too small to use a camping cooker inside.

The Rab Summit Superlite Bivi was designed for alpine use, among other things for mountain climbers. The Bivi is very lightweight, compact, easy to set up, and very wind resistant. These are all key features that ultra-light hikers are interested in.

For me, the Rab Summit Superlite Bivi complements my MLD Duomid Tarp ideally on tours where I expect rougher environments, such as Iceland, Greenland, or in winter where there is little protection from trees.

Rab Summit Superlite Bivi

Technische Daten:
– Material: 3-layer eVENT outer fabric, waterproof nylon for the base
– Suitable for 2 persons
– Base: 222 x 120 cm (87.4 x 47.2″)
– Height: 70 cm (28″)
– Mosquito net: no
– Poles: two poles of 8.84 mm (0.35″) aluminum
– Inner pockets: 1
– Colors: red, blue
– Climbing feature: 2 sealed “donut” tie-in points
– Weight: 1,500 grams (53 oz.) including aluminum poles and pegs

Manufacturer: Rab Website


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