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MLD LiteSoul ultralight bivy

June 2, 2009 by · 6 Comments 

Mountain Laurel Designs has a total of four bivys in its product range. The lightest of these is the MLD LiteSoul, which weighs in at 4.4 ounces (130 grams). The top fabric of the MLD LiteSoul is highly water resistant and breathable. The bottom fabric is in Spectralite .60 (cuben fibre), which is extremely light and water resistant.

MLD Bivy Litesoul

MLD Bivy Litesoul bottom

Although the Litesoul bivy features a mummy-style form, it is extremely generously cut. The foot girth is much more narrowly cut, especially when compared to the Ptarmigan bivy manufactured by Titanium Goat.

The LiteSoul is available in two sizes. The „large“ size is cut 4 inches (10 cm) wider. The Litesoul bivy is very much trimmed in terms of weight. Although it has no mosquito net, a zip extends across the whole of the width (36 inches, 91 cm. Despite the very light materials, I have never experienced any problems with this bivy. It has not developed any holes or defcets from underneath, and neither have I had any problems with the top fabric.

I always use the bivy without the protection of a ground cloth in my tarp, both in summer and on snow in winter. The pack size is no larger than a coke can.

MLD Bivy Litesoul

MLD Bivy Litesoul

MLD Bivy Litesoul

MLD Bivy Litesoul

MLD Bivy Litesoul

MLD Bivy Litesoul

Mountain Laurel Designs is a small company which has specialsied in ultralight equipment. MLD was founded in 2002 by Ron Bell, who has already made a name for himself in the ultralight scene. Lead times are currently approximately 6-8 weeks. I am currently using a number of his products and have never yet been disappointed.

• Top Fabric: Momentum, 20dX20d nylon taffetta, Black Super Water Resistant + Highly Breathable
• Bottom Fabric: Spectralite.60 (Cuben Fiber)
• Girth: (Shoulders/Hips/Foot) Regular: 183 / 168 / 122 cm (72 / 66 / 48 Inch)
• Girth: (Shoulders/Hips/Foot) Large: 193 / 178 / 132 cm (76 / 70 / 52 Inch)

MLD LiteSoul Bivy $245,00 (Large + $25,00)

MLD Website with online shop:


6 Responses to “MLD LiteSoul ultralight bivy”
  1. Anna says:

    I’m new in sleeping without tend, and I’m doing a research on that…i found your blog (thanks a lot 4 the info) and i’m wandering if inside this bivy you put a mattress ( i have an artiach micro-lite). Thank u!

  2. trailblaze says:

    Hi Anna,
    yes I use a mattress in my bivy too. I own a NeoAir. But the artiach micro-lite is also great for a bivy!


  3. simon says:

    have you used your neoair in either your ptarmigan or litesoul?

  4. trailblaze says:

    Hi Simon,
    yes I used the neoair in both bivys. It works for me, but it is clearly less space in it in comparison to a normal matte.


  5. Ivana Guphov says:

    How do you breathe if you zip it tight to keep bugs out?

  6. trailblaze says:

    I use this bivy only in winter or when I am sure that there are no bugs.

    Johannes / Trailblaze.

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