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Corsica 6-day backpacking tour in the spring

May 20, 2009 by · 4 Comments 

After a long period of preparation we were finally there – we were standing at the airport with ready-packed backpack. I was quite happy with my backpack weight of 4 kg plus 3 kg supplies.

Unfortunately however, the journey from Hanover proved to be quite problematic. In Paris first of all there was a change of airport (which we just managed to make) and after the arrival of our airplane in Bastia, we got into a taxi which took us directly to Cazamozza to the station. There we just about got the train to Corte, our starting point for the trekking tour. At just before 7 pm and after 10 hours of travel we were finally at the hotel. We used the evening to do a bit of sightseeing in Corte and to get some fortifying for the tour in one of the many restaurants.

We began our tour in Corte itself the next morning. Our first goal was the Refuge de la Sega in the Tavignanu Valley. We needed over seven hours for the 17 km and 900 hm. This made the kind of tour very clear to us – there were always large stones which made progress very slow.

Tavignanu valley - Start in Corte

In part the paths had also become little streams or brooks, since a considerable amount of melt water came from the mountains. Since 1979 there hasn’t been much snow on Corsica any more. As we established later, the snow line was at 1,700 meters and this in May.

As we entered the Tavignanu Valley we met the first hikers and a few more at the Refuge de la Sega.

Refuge de la Sega

Not far from our tarpaulin another couple was putting up their copola-tent at the Refuge de la Sega. Who would have thought however, that these would be the last hikers we were going to see on our tour…

Tarps -  Refuge de la Sega

The next morning we continued in the Tavignanu Valley and as a further goal there was Lac de Goria. That day also we were considerably slower than planned because of working our way through the stony paths. Just before Lac de Goria further progress was made yet more difficult by snow. Unfortunately it was very hard to walk on the snow since it was already very slushy and we to some extent sank in it very fast.

Tavignanu Valley - snow above 1700 meter

We then decided at a height of approx. 1800 meters, to turn round, only 1 km or less before Lac de Goria. Although we had waterproof sealskin stockings with us, we wanted to keep our shoes as dry as possible for the rest of the tour. We built our tarpaulin just underneath the snow line on the Bergerie de Lenze.

Tarp - Bergerie de Lenze

The temperatures in the night fell down to 2 degrees. During the day, it was approx. 15 degrees, which however felt considerably warmer in the sun.

Our next goal in the morning was Lac de Nino. It was only about 3.5 km away from the Bergerie de Vaccaghia. In the summer there are wild horses there too. However, here also progress proved to be very difficult. We had to wade through streams several times and lingering snowfields made progress very difficult.

Wade through a lot of rivulet

The route-markers were in part no longer visible because of the snow. We needed 2.5 hours here for 2.5 kilometers. At a height of 1,800 meters, we were once again standing in deep snow and it was clear to me that we probably wouldn’t see Lac de Nino either. It would also be covered by the snow and so we turned back this time too. So the two lakes will still be my goal for next time…

Just before our goal for the day, Lac de Creo, a herd of wild boar with two wild boar piglets crossed our path. The charge of one of the female wild boars was very clear to see and we made a run for it faster than we would have preferred.

A little later we reached Lac de Creno (at a height of 1,350 meters). Here, we put up our tarpaulin on the rocks along the south bank. Our Caldera Keg was quickly put up and a few minutes later we were sitting by the lake and enjoying the evening sun over the lake.

Lac de Creno

Unfortunately we were now leaving the alpine zone and in the next two days were about to go through woods again through the villages of Orto, Guangno and Pastricciola to continue the tour. Guangno and Pastricciola incidentally offered shopping facilities on the tour. The shops were however difficult or for me to some extent impossible to recognize from outside. In Pastricciola you recognized the shop because there were some gas bottles outside in front of the building. There was no sign pointing to a shop (not even on the building itself!).

After 18 km and 1,300 hm, we spent our last night just before the Bocca d’Oreccia in the Bergerie de Terricione. Here, we found no suitable means of putting up our tarpaulin and so we stayed overnight in the Bergerie itself.

Bergerie de Terricione

The next day, we continued in the direction of Vivario, our ultimate goal of the tour. From there the train took us back to Corte.

Bocca d´Oreccia

By now, almost 100 km lay behind us. Unfortunately we had to leave out a lot of tour destinations due to the snowy conditions. We had already rejected our preferred schedule going over the Breche de Capitello before the tour.

I would like to thank Mateusz (Laufbursche) and Eric Finger from Abenteuer Korsika who were very helpful in planning the tour.

The tour in detail (approx. 95 km)
– 1st day Corte to Refuge de la Sega (17 km, 900 hm)
– 2nd day to Bergerie de Lenze (12 km, 660 hm)
– 3rd day to Lac de Creno (14 km, 320 hm)
– 4th day to Guagno (13 km)
– 5th day to Bergerie de Terricione (18 km, 1.300 hm)
– 6th day to Vivario station (20 km)

Helpful links and info for planning:
Abenteuer Korsika (Maps) (Info about buses and trains for Corsica)
Meteoconsult (Weather in Corte)
– In Corte there is WiFi in the Bar de la plage (at Corte station) or on the university premises

Period of the tour: 6 days (04/30-05/06/2009)

Temperatures on the tour:
– Throughout the day 15 – 22 degrees
– During the night 2-7 degrees

Packing list for Corsica spring tour:
Korsika Ultraleicht Packliste



4 Responses to “Corsica 6-day backpacking tour in the spring”
  1. mulcahen says:

    I used to work running treks out in Corsica, still love the place and reading your aritcle has me longing to return. Your pics are just a taster of how stunning the place is, a generally so quiet apart from July and August

  2. trailblaze says:

    Hi mulcahen,
    thanks! And it was not my last trip to this beautiful place. I hope to return to corsica soon.


  3. Hi Trailblaze,
    Very happy to have found your excellent site via Besthike.

    I really enjoyed reading this trip report. Sounds like it was great “fun” at times! I would have thought sunburn would have been your major concern before arriving but snow would NOT have been on the agenda!

    I am no where need ultralight (or even light) and read your gearlist with GREAT interest. At 52, reckon it is time to start radically pruning our weight!

    Looked around for a “feedburner” button (us oldies like an email when you update) Will try and drop by regularly and read your updates in the meantime 🙂
    Keep up the great blogging


  4. trailblaze says:

    Hi Frank,
    thanks for your Mail. I hope to see u here again!

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